Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The lost art of the coherent sentence 2

I had forgotten this amazing piece from Joseph O'Connor on the topic of being inordinately fond of the word "like"
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Big hat-tip to Matto for reminding me of this one – it really, like, brightened up, like, my day? Ya know?


David said...

I like enjoyed these posts - thanks for the Joseph O'Connor piece. You hit on one of my pet peeves. For my sins I teach communications and am a career coach and, like you, wish people could use straightforward language without all the fillers and noise. I’ve often been tempted to carry a recorder around with me to capture the more outrageous examples. I'm not sure "like" is a completely new phenomenon although, here in California at least, it seems to have reached crazy levels. I seem to remember a panelist on a British Sixties TV show who said “loik” a lot.
I noticed one of my colleagues was using one phrase a great deal so I gave her some feedback. Unfortunately I hear it everywhere now. I watch the TV, listen to the radio, converse with friends and clients and hear, “I have to tell you, ….” I want to interrupt with, “No. You don’t.” Why do these fillers seem to be so contagious?

Rowan Manahan said...

I had a client some years back who used to break up every other sentence with the phrase "As the fella says" - a weird verbal tic if ever I heard one. When I pointed it out to him, he looked blankly back at me. He was TOTALLY unaware of this nervous habit of his.

As a species, we admire the skills of communication and revere those who can communicate effectively. Naturally, there is a bell curve of ability in this regard, but when I encounter outliers from the left side of the curve, it really can be jaw-dropping.