Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finding a job is a full-time job

I don't know who coined that old saw but nowadays, it is truer than ever. Two consistent worries that clients present us with:
  • "It's a tight market and there are no jobs to apply to." 
  • "How should I divide my time on the job-hunt to keep all the plates spinning?"
    Here are some thoughts based on lectures and seminars we have been conducting in the past while. I hope you find them applicable for your situation.
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    Eclecticity said...

    Excellent Rowan. Thanks! E.

    ireland education classifieds said...

    Excellent post Rowan. I liked the comparison. the Borwnian motion and the sample note to the boss in the presentation are class!

    Bernie W said...

    Powerful laugh at the Cinderella powerpoint earlier followed by jobhunting in a tight market. A glint at the needle in a hatstack. Bang On Rowan.! .