Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Carnival of HR 30

Step right up my fine people. Everyone's a winnaaaaaaaaah!

Busy, busy Carnival this time around - a record 28 entries, each excellent in its own way, from a wonderfully diverse range of blogs and bloggers.

From a classic analogy, through some great leadership tactics to thorny legal issues, the roustabouts and riggers of the HR Carny have been kept very busy producing quality material for you, my fine folks. It's not all sequins and false eyelashes you know!

When is evil not really evil? When it's a Lady. The woman who put us all on this carnival trail, with a perfectly ordinary day in HR ...

Michael over at Execupundit with some thoughts on how HR should be elbowing their way to the front of the line.

Jackie at Consult Cameron thinks through an interesting dilemma - what if hiring a coach for an underperforming employee results in their resigning?

HR Thoughts with Lisa who gives a good example of how sometimes you do need some steenkin' badges!

Wally at 3 Star Leadership with a case study of an individual who was an employer's dream until she got promoted to team leader and discovered that she really hated being a boss. This one will get your head nodding.

Susan over at on the milestones of a career in HR - get stuck in on the comments folks and give her your examples. It takes a Carnival ...

Eclecticity with a truly arresting leadership lesson.

Ann at Compensation Force with stunning clarity - and pictures! - on relating rewards to efforts in a way that actually (gulp) incentivises people. It'll never catch on ...

HR Wench channels David Letterman on the topic of bullying.

Ask A Manager with a very clever suggestion for raising your credibility in your boss' eyes.

On being the person who causes the whole saloon to go silent when you come through the swinging doors - by Lori

Deb (permanent lunch?) illustrates why impersonal job adverts can be a good idea. This post is brought to you by the letters I and Q. New word - stalker

Alvaro with some thoughts on relaxation techniques that will turn your blunt instrument into a Sharp Brain.

The ever-observant Mr Haberman walks us through his Ben Franklin balance sheet of HR - Reasons to be Proud You're in HR.

Jonathan over at Ohio Employment Law with an I-can't-belieeeeve-it tale of an employer attempting to recoup health insurance costs from one of its staff - and the employer is ... Wal-Mart. Jonathan catches the key issue with his very astute analysis.

While Michael at Pennsylvania Employment Law gives us a very interesting and balanced view on a burning question - is it "Affirmative Action" or an "Unyielding racial quota"?

Mr Cranky himself, Wayne with a wry look at some of the multiple intelligences that Dr Gardner has not yet identified.

Frank (Marco Polo) Mulligan dissects the challenge of thinking like a local when it comes to HR issues in China.

Kris-the-Capitalist with some stunningly articulate thoughts on the age-old question: Gen X vs. Gen Y - who is better? Be sure to read the comments.

Jon at Strategic HCM with three common concepts that should be given a good kicking and then unceremoniously dumped ...

Jake at Maximize Possibility with some pastoral insights on what to do with employees who have quit, but forgotten to tell anyone.

And speaking of forgetting to tell anyone - "Let's just keep this coaching initiative between us. We don't want HR to know," says a coaching client. John at Coaching Tip with his insight into the trust barrier than can exist between HR and other departments.

Anna at Engaging Brand with some of the new skills HR need to be on the lookout for when hiring talent.

Just how valuable are women? Nina takes us through the stats on what happens to companies when women break through the glass ceiling.

A classic tale, perfectly told by Dan over at Great Leadership, of why conventions become entrenchions [And if that isn't a word already, it should be, so there!]

Michael is mounting the barricades at Career Revolution, throwing cobblestones at the convention of keeping compensation details secret for certain roles and not for others.

Dr Toni
on Everything Health on the topic of the discrimination that dares not speak its name.

Finally, My $0.02 worth - this is one of the pieces that gets the most hits from searches on my blog. Seems a lot of people want to learn how to say, "Sayonara" with style.

The next Carnival (April 16th) will by hosted by Ann Bares at Compensation Force


Jackie Cameron said...

Great list Rowan - I have just spent a very worthwhile hour or so browsing! thanks for including me


deb said...

HA! i love the idea of the 'permanent lunch'. really, i do. but i'm working harder than ever right now! just not in HR anymore.....

i'll clue everyone in soon!

great job on the latest carnival!

all the best!

Frank said...

From the other side of the planet ...

Multo Grazie Rowan!,

Mr. Polo